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Reviews for "Popcorn Chef"


HEAT9 responds:

hmmmmmm I will add skins in the future for mobile, but not sure for web... I'll see.

This... game.... is.... ADDICTIVE.
This game has the most simplistic, minimalist, yet replayable
system I've ever seen. The physics is simple, it's even fun to lose the game
to see the popcorn overflow! Never have I seen a game that is so endearing to
not just win, but lose as well!
HEAT9, great work! ^^
All my stars are belong to this! *fingers MWAH!*

HEAT9 responds:

It is hard to write a reply to a review like this because thank you is just not enough, so THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :DDDDDDD <333333

I cannot express how awesome this fucking game is!!
It's simple yet so beautifully executed, even better than some AAA games!
a bazillion out of five, sir!

HEAT9 responds:

I find your review to be more awesome than the game, Thank you :D

pretty good game

I'm not a big fan of competitional games but... THIS NEEDS A LEADERBOARD! (21 points is my best so far)

HEAT9 responds: