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Reviews for "Popcorn Chef"

I like it, is this gonna be on mobile?

I think it'd be fun to have a kind of "sandbox" mode, like a lot of times, I just mess around with the popcorn, like try to fill the pot with as much kernels as I want and watching it explode out.

HEAT9 responds:

Yes it is coming to mobile, Android maybe even by today. iOS will take more time since Apple takes about a week and half to just review the app. Sandbox might be nice but other than overflowing the pot there isnt much else to do...

For ios and android how about you add like a training mode for each stage plus the leaderboard?

HEAT9 responds:

The game is supposed to be difficult, so adding training levels goes against that.
I am doing my best to have this game released to android by tomorrow, even without google play leader boards initially so that I can get it out there ASAP, then add leader boards in the next update. We'll see :)

There Should Be No Cap To The Amount Of Kernels You Can Put Down.

HEAT9 responds:

haha once we reach the age of quantum computing I will release the cap, otherwise having more popcorn causes the frame rate to drop, but undoubtedly increases the lulz. In this case FPS drops are of more concern to me as a developer so I'll leave it like this for now :P

This game is BRILLIANT. Such a simple idea yet executed masterfully. I could play this for hours and will :)

HEAT9 responds:


This... game.... is.... ADDICTIVE.
This game has the most simplistic, minimalist, yet replayable
system I've ever seen. The physics is simple, it's even fun to lose the game
to see the popcorn overflow! Never have I seen a game that is so endearing to
not just win, but lose as well!
HEAT9, great work! ^^
All my stars are belong to this! *fingers MWAH!*

HEAT9 responds:

It is hard to write a reply to a review like this because thank you is just not enough, so THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :DDDDDDD <333333