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Reviews for "Popcorn Chef"

So simple, yet so satisfying to play. The sound of the popcorn popping, the suspense as the lid slowly lifts up and the timer slows down, everything's just right. I can see this being really successful as a mobile game.

HEAT9 responds:

LOL thank you for your detailed feedback, I really liked the way you described it!
It might be a successful mobile app if it gets any exposure, and NG is the only site to have given me any chance so far. I will release the game independently on Android by tomorrow and iOS maybe a week or 2 later because Apple's review process takes about that long.

This is fun but without a score chart, there's no motivation to continue past a couple of tries. This game may do well on an app store.

HEAT9 responds:

AFAIK there is no scoreboard API for NG, so unfortunately I cant do much about that...

Damn good (and hard). The physics are really well done and it's almost hypnotic to watch the whole thing unfold when the kernels pop. For what it is, it really couldn't be much better. That said, I wish I knew how many different kinds of containers there were, and maybe have a list of all of the containers I had gotten perfect on to measure my own progress beyond just a highscore.

HEAT9 responds:

I totally agree with you and stats is something I really want to add, but right now this is just the basic skeleton of the game, and I submitted it to get a feel if people have any interest in it before investing more time into it. So far I think I might do just that :) Thank you for leaving feedback so I would know what to focus on more.
FYI there is 30 pots right now and initially you are given a selection of 14. After getting a score of 10, a new harder pot is added to the selection mix and after every 5 points scored. But I will work on improving that algorithm today since new pots still have a hard time of randomly appearing (1 out of 15 chance when you reach a score of 10). I shall update the game soon and frequently.
It's sad that I cant submit an HTML5 version of the game so that Chrome users can play it, but Unity's HTML5 build is still in beta and very buggy, so no other option...

Rather good, original game with fluent graphics (great that there are different kinds of kernels), but I would prefer if it went chronologically, so you would know which levels you completed, which levels you still need to complete and if the difficulty gradually rose (and possibly the game mechanics slightly changed once a while). This way it's good for quick entertainment, but there's nothing to really 'achieve'.

And just a recommendation, don't advertise your game through forums. People who want to try and review new games already browse Under Judgement section and look here without being told so. This way you will most like attract just meaningless low ratings.

HEAT9 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. One issue I kept facing while testing is that people get the impression that this is a level based game, when its really just a highscore based one. There is no levels, instead I have a collection of pots that I randomly give to the player, and it does increase in difficulty as more difficult pots only appear at higher scores.
As for what to achieve, it all about achieving a new high score. Later on I can add stuff like coins, skins, powerups etc... but at its core, this is a causal arcade high score based game. I am not sure how I can make players understand that better instead of assuming its level based. If you got any ideas, let me know please.
Sorry about the forum posting, you are correct.
Thank you again.