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BLISS (Part 2)

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The next day... but also the previous day.
(Edit: First of all, thanks for the front page! Second, for people who thought they already seen this, I re used a lot of animation from the previous cartoon I made in the first few minutes because it's supposed to be the same events just from a different perspective. Okthxbye)
Part 2/3

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Still same solid work with animation, design and music. It was nice to see the same scene from the dog's perspective for the first part. Very well done.

great animation, engaging story, this is a great so far.

The story so far is very good. Nice job!

Your animation style is so genuine and cartoony, it almost makes me jealous. lol jk Phenomenal work, Bryan, and I look forward to more videos (besides your new one, which is also really good).

i think it looks like the a creators of robot boy from cartoon network!