Reviews for "BLISS (Part 2)"

Just glad to see those bullies were stopped, in the right way.
Now I'm really looking forward to part 3.

Made story about blonde boy plz~! I kinda like him...

Wow what a great video, I love it so much. The animations skills the story and of course the dog and the boy :D.
P.S the music sound like it took from easytech games (they make games about real historic wars),and if I talk about war those two-the dog and the kid are great allies ;').

Slow as watching dirt grow, so many unnecessary moments and scenes. Some of the shots were decent but most of them were super uniformely spaced and at the same claustrophobic zoom so the movie felt like super repetitive mush at some points. Zooming THAT far into the face is used rarely - and almost exclusively to make major emotional moments stand out. You used a super close camera constantly and it became ineffective.

So vary up your cut spacing, don't cut so fast (it's a sign of poor action), keep track of how zoomed in each scene is to watch for repetition, zoom the heck out to establish spacial relationships, and don't plan for meaningless time-consuming moments.

Those all could have been detected in the storyboard or animatic; you should go through as many pro films as you can, pick random scenes and storyboard them. Memorize the subtleties (zoom, timing, camera movement, frame offset in relation to which way a character is looking, how much new visual/auditory info is in each scene) and stand on the shoulders of giants.

Why is your stuff not on TV? With your skills you could making some cashing doing this.