Reviews for "BLISS (Part 2)"

i really like the "Fosters home for imaginary friends" art style and animation. you used it very well.

Fantastic animation quality! It's comparable and even exceeds some cartoons on TV! I cannot wait to see part 3! I also loved the musical score during the credits!

Oh man... a ciffhanger, I LOVE IT! Hurry! finish the next part! :D Man i love it! t's amazing, the emotions, the feelings just... EVERYTHING! :D there is nothing that isn't good about this, you get full rate from me dude! :D

Love the animation style and appreciate how well a story can be told without having to rely on vocal story telling. Good clean animation, nice sound effects and music, really a great job here. Keep up the good work!

Ahah.. I accidentally pressed 0 on my vote.. All I can do is give you 5 stars. I can say that this animation is just wonderful, I love it.