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Royal Offense 2

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Train your heroes and upgrade troops and spells to defeat your enemies as you expand the kingdom's reach in this real-time strategy game.

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Pretty good. One thing I think people are frustrated with/don't understand since it isn't explained: You can move the units around with your mouse! If you move the guys around you can get an enormous advantage, you can group fighting units, and move the taxmen around fast to get money quick. Hope this helps!

i had fun for the first 2 missions and then it just seems like the enemy has 10x as many units as me no matter how many times i replay the level. id definitely come back if u make it a little more playable.
good music, but the spells shouldnt cost money. give us mana. using a lightning bolt means i lose immediately unless i already have a huge gold advantage, and i never do because im facing at least 5 orcs by the time i build 2 tax collectors
youve started a good game, but im not sure how you thought it was playable if this difficulty is "easy". we havent even learned all the features of the game and the levels which teach us new things are nearly unbeatable. i think it has potential and youve clearly put in a lot of work so ill give it a 3.5, but its not beatable in this state and nobody is gonna keep playing until you make it easier

Good work on this one indeed

Agreed, the balance is quite shitty and annoying. But I don't think that means you should rate the game 0 stars or 1 star. Because it IS also fun, and nice music, nice graphics, and also like the concept of the game. But it would be a lot more fun to play if the balance were better.

Good Things:
Decent music.
Alright graphics.
Bad Things:
Bad balance.
Poor scrolling.
Bad tutorial.
God awful unit pathfinding and target prioritising.

All in all, a pretty shit game.