Reviews for "Royal Offense 2"

Like this game. ArmorGames does have some good stuff.

This game have published in armorgames yet.

Really crazy game!

Pretty good game i had trouble at first but i broke the game and i spam spells cause i have way too much money also anyone else just max out the troop limit first?

Very good game, I really had fun playing it. But besides the "hero" part there wasnt very much changes to the first part. At the end (about last 4 lvls) it became pretty hard and without my knight sword hero, who was nearly unkillable (uh-jeah) I wouldnt be able to beat them on hard-mode.

Bugs; if you use the "storm cloud" spell near a building it disapears (only the graphic), sometimes the mouse-movement keep scrolling on the map without coming close to the border (clicking once at the screen helps).

Would be nice; if the taxman-hero also would lvl-up like the others and if the story would be deeper or better told (who the f*ck are those 2 woman?!?)