Reviews for "Royal Offense 2"

Great game!


Thought RO1 was great . This update makes it even better.

Pretty good game i had trouble at first but i broke the game and i spam spells cause i have way too much money also anyone else just max out the troop limit first?

Finished it 100% all levels Hard.
The game is actually really easy and if you upgrade everything it becomes a joke and impossible to lose.

Tips for people having trouble:
1)You can upgrade units on the map and also increase the max number of units to 10 more.
2)Repeat doing first level on double speed just spawn knights and get 1000 in just a few seconds.
3) First level of ice stage is the second spot to grind gives a lot of coins.
4) Last area you can grind on mountain,crown icon level and high lands you can get 6,000 in a minute.
5) Heroes are so op especially the knight heroes they can basically tank a whole army as long as you spawn regen spell and revive on them over and over.
6) Archers I think where the best just let the hero knight tank.

Really nice game but too many upgrades took me a while to upgrade everything!