Reviews for "Royal Offense 2"

Hardly playable because of the terrible balancing.

- Terrible unfinished tutorial, its like 5% done. If you don't look at the bottom of the map you won't find the upgrade sceen you need to get past lvl 3. And btw this is a grindy game, you will have to run thru previous lvls constantly for upgrades. New features appear randomly because there is no dialogue box or notice that said features came up.

To beat the game you must make very liberal use of picking up units and moving them around. Unfortunately camera scrolling is a big thorn in the side control scheme. Its because the player is forced to micromanage his troops on one end of the map, and his gold generating tax men on the other. It is very slow scrolling between ends of the windows. The back and forth slog really ruins any strategy, since it forces the choice to either have money and let units act like lemmings or have no money and miromanage units personnaly. overseeing troops usually means 1. grabbing melee and pulling them to archers, and 2. spamming spells that drain your money supply.


I cant get pass the 3 stage?! Does anyone have a tip i can use?But other wise,this is farily fun

Difficulty increases too quickly. Even on easy, I can only put out a single solider before my castle and warriors are completely swarmed. This was only on the third round. It's impossible to start when the enemy has 7 goblins while you only have 3 knights. Needs better balancing.