Reviews for "Royal Offense 2"

Finished it 100% all levels Hard.
The game is actually really easy and if you upgrade everything it becomes a joke and impossible to lose.

Tips for people having trouble:
1)You can upgrade units on the map and also increase the max number of units to 10 more.
2)Repeat doing first level on double speed just spawn knights and get 1000 in just a few seconds.
3) First level of ice stage is the second spot to grind gives a lot of coins.
4) Last area you can grind on mountain,crown icon level and high lands you can get 6,000 in a minute.
5) Heroes are so op especially the knight heroes they can basically tank a whole army as long as you spawn regen spell and revive on them over and over.
6) Archers I think where the best just let the hero knight tank.

Really nice game but too many upgrades took me a while to upgrade everything!

Pretty easy game, and straight foreward. For those who cant get past level 4 check the bottom of your screen when you are in the map and click the upgrade icon. You can upgrade your melee and ranged units. played this for a solid 2 hours and got to the spider level. Also LPT: You can grab your characters and drop them wherever you want if you plan on micro'ing them a little.

what the fuck...dont even bother with peasants as it gets to the point where its just a tug of war and u have 20k silver but can only manufacture 3-4 knights while the enemy is pumping out units until its mom calls em for dinner......great job creator. beta tested or nahhhhhhhh?????????

the games fun but to hard the 4 level is garanteed to make you lose theres a max limit so we cant send out as many troops not like the goblins srry but im giving you a 2 star

awful little buggy game. between the AI doing whatever wants (example: place a archer near a spawner and instead it travels half the map to kill something), random damage sources (sometimes units will take cumulative damage for no reason while scrolling to place them elsewhere), and being unable to pick up and move units occasionally after placing them results in a very frustrating game. Would not recommend.