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Find the developer! 5 Points

I'm there somewhere! *meow*

Free the captured! 5 Points

Destroy all the crates in the level!

Win! 5 Points

Beat the boss!

All the weapons! 10 Points

Play a round with each weapon!

In 2 minutes! 10 Points

Win in 2 minutes or less!

Half way! 25 Points

Get boss to half health before the final room!

I'm healthy! 25 Points

Win without going below half health!

In 90 seconds! 25 Points

Win in 90 seconds or less!

All the items! 50 Points

Save all the different items!

In 75 seconds! 50 Points

Win in 75 seconds or less!

One-handed! 50 Points

Win without simultaneously moving & shooting!

In 1 minute! 100 Points

Win in 1 minute or less!

Obligatory! 100 Points

Earn ALL achievements!

Author Comments

Alternate Reality Boss Fight!
Defeat the boss as fast as you can! Each time you play, the weapons and items are randomized. Good luck!

You can double jump. You can jump off of walls.

WASD to move. Arrow keys to shoot. (You can swap these)
Press M to mute.
You can use either keyboard or mouse on the menus. :)

Have fun! :D

- Update 3: LUDUM DARE ENDED! I got 35th place out of 1353 games! Awesome!!
- Update 2: I published with an earlier version of Flash Player, to support Linux and older version of Mac. (Thanks vediththegreat!)
- Update 1: I added a notification when you use both hands, as per recommendation by DJDarkDash :D

Thanks for the front page, Tom!


Zanz! You should add more maps, all random at start (or maybe you are the one to choose!), maybe more gun type thingies like a *twinkling star launcher* and *dorito chip gun* XD. I freaking love this game. If you don't add those, then get ready for my *mtn dew ghetto blaster*! XD jk no offense.You are the one who will decide :3, and btw I'm japz30 lol and this account is for game suggestion thingy purposes (I think).

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Zanzlanz responds:

Haha thanks japz! Glad you like the game :D!
I don't think the game deserves a sequel, so this is all it will have. ;)

I found you Zanz!! You can't get away from me!! XD

Zanzlanz responds:

Don't be so sure, japz, for I have a *fluorescent light bulb slingshot*! Haha, jk :3 Thanks for the follow here!

Very addictive game, had some bugs but overall a great game.

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thank you!
The collision isn't perfect still, unfortunately. After I fixed a collision bug, I got too excited and ended up making weird places to get stuck in xD My bad!

It's a great game, to be honest, I haven't even finished it yet LOL. Lots of achievements that make me want to play this for hours(or days) until I get them all.

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks Makuro! I always figure it's worth the extra work to put in some achievements into a game! Hope you end up getting the medals! ;]

not bad :)

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Zanzlanz responds:

Alrighty, thank you!

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Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

May 8, 2015
4:51 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other