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Reviews for "A.R.B.F."

Very creative sometimes i think what inspiration zanzlanz gets to make games? when i saw this i tought your inspiration was food %100 organic jets and more food for a late ludum dare entry is epic i love the weapon randomizer it makes some hilarious fights to enjoy,its a epic game to play where you can find the developer thinking that he is a cat a villian and a hero and those sexy CHOCOLATE HELICOPTER BLADES! i love the reference of the ambiguous dress and the delicious WARM SOUP RAY! myself i say that this needs to win in the ludum dare.
Zanzlanz you are the king of the nonsense games!


Zanzlanz responds:

Felipe! Thanks for your review ;)

100% organic jet skis, chocolate helicopter blades, warn soup ray, and guava slice guns. o_o I think when you ask for random words, people will lean on the side of food. I tried not to do that too much haha, but I guess I let some slip.

WHOO!!! Kind of nonsense games is an amazing title! Thanks!

*meow* *meow*

You've made awesome games before, Zanz, and you haven't disappointed me yet. This game is what I love in platformers, which is why I love games like Cave Story too. I specifically love the wacky weapons in this game (I won with a salty flute launcher!) and the wacky items in distress. Good job on this!

Zanzlanz responds:

Cave Story (which is one of my favorite games) has fantastic platforming mechanics! I was inspired by it, as you probably noticed!

Thanks for playing and writing a nice review! I hope to continue to never disappoint, haha! :D

I didn't know you had a newgrounds webpage!
Awesome! This game is very challanging and awesome. Glad I was there to see the stream.

Zanzlanz responds:

Newgrounds is the best! I don't know how I'd be without it :D
Thanks for leaving a review, and I'm really happy that you came to watch the stream! :]

LOVED THIS GAME! I played it for first time and i found you ^^ heh

Zanzlanz responds:

Nice find! :D Thanks CreeperCraft22 :)

Fast passed, Contra like, funny

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks! Woah, Contra - I can definitely see where you're coming from!