Reviews for "A.R.B.F."


ive seen games like a normal shoot or a normal adventure or a point and click but this is ingenius.
so much weird names that dont have any fucking sense and make you laught and the use of shoot is good ive never seen something like this and i like ive been waiting for something new and you give it continue with this my friend because you have a great future
Young jedi :D

Zanzlanz responds:

WELL HI THERE! Thanks for the really (extremely) nice review!

I hope to keep being weird, unique, and innovative with my next games :D It's so much more fun than being like everyone else ;)

Anyway, I'm glad you had fun playing! Have a great day!

This was definitely fun! I really do praise all the little things going on. The ricochet effects are always cool. I just couldn't quite understand how to open all the crates. I guess more of them just go down as you beat the level. Never found that cat either.

I love how it's a game you can do so much with. It's rare I see something that's both a boss and a level at the same time. At least it eventually ends. There's definitely some creativity here. I wish I knew what ARBF stands for.

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thanks Ericho! :)

Crates are destroyed by shooting at them, and that's all there is to it. I probably should have showed the item flying away or something, I don't know. The ones in the final room don't count towards the achievement though. You get the achievement as soon as you break all the crates.

It says what ARBF stands for on the title screen, but I just added it to the description anyway. "Alternate Reality Boss Fight"! :)

The game is very nice and hard at the same time. the medals were a pain to get though(but they were fun and challenging). and the 1 minute medal says you have to beat it in 1 minute or less, but i finsihed it in exactly 1 minute and i didnt get the medal. could you fix that. also can you give me a hint for the developer medal.

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks zoaderman! I always feel like a game shouldn't be limited to a 2-minute experience, so I like to put in challenges :D I'm glad you thought they were fun though!

If you reload the game, you should get the 1-minute medal. (Good job, by the way!) I forgot to round down after I added milliseconds. Thank you for pointing it out :D

I'm hidden in a room. You have to do a bit of clever jumping and use gun recoil to reach the room. xD

Wow. Usually when there's only a few reviews, there is still much to be said, but most of it's pretty much been covered. I agree, this game was short, but the replayability is definitely there. The achievements are well-balanced, some are very easy, some are very difficult, but none are impossible. Music was catchy (maybe a little too much so :P). Ricochet physics is a nice innovative, yet simple mechanic (although it is being used more and more, it's not quite mainstream yet imo). The randomness fits with the Ludum Dare theme, and has a nice lulz-factor. 4.5 as a LD submission, probably in my personal top 5 (though I haven't formally created one yet lol), and 3.5 stars if you were to consider this as a finished project. Very well done :)

Zanzlanz responds:

I'm really glad you like the difficulty of achievements! I usually get a lot of people hoping for just a quick 5-minute game, but hey I don't think that would be enough of a challenge for medals.

The ricocheting projectiles just felt so natural after I realized it could be used as a mechanic. I think it works best with 4-direction shooting, but I wonder how it would work with with 8-direction... :)

Anyway, thanks so much for your review! :D

Very creative sometimes i think what inspiration zanzlanz gets to make games? when i saw this i tought your inspiration was food %100 organic jets and more food for a late ludum dare entry is epic i love the weapon randomizer it makes some hilarious fights to enjoy,its a epic game to play where you can find the developer thinking that he is a cat a villian and a hero and those sexy CHOCOLATE HELICOPTER BLADES! i love the reference of the ambiguous dress and the delicious WARM SOUP RAY! myself i say that this needs to win in the ludum dare.
Zanzlanz you are the king of the nonsense games!


Zanzlanz responds:

Felipe! Thanks for your review ;)

100% organic jet skis, chocolate helicopter blades, warn soup ray, and guava slice guns. o_o I think when you ask for random words, people will lean on the side of food. I tried not to do that too much haha, but I guess I let some slip.

WHOO!!! Kind of nonsense games is an amazing title! Thanks!

*meow* *meow*