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Now availaibe in HTML5 WebGL!

A small platformer created in 4 weeks by rose-engine.
Ascend the underground labyrinth and find the exit.

To see the alternative ending, reach the exit with more than 1 life remaining.
Press any key to respawn upon death.

Arrow keys to Move
X to Jump

WASD to Move
Space Bar to Jump

(also supports XBOX360 Controller)

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It would be nice if there were a restart button.Restart from the begining.I want the 2 ending.

Addictive and intriguing, lacking save system :D

My only real issue was that the invulnerability frames did not last long enough. I managed to collect 5 flowers at one point, and touch a single spike that stun locked me in place as it killed me because jump couldn't get me high enough before the frames were over with. You could imagine how aggravating respawning with 0 could be after that... Lol.

The other issue is that I didn't like the alternate ending due to personal taste/opinion so it's not really an issue just a preference that I want to share. After viewing the original ending you kind of expect something a bit happier as the alternate ending. Most would choose the original ending over alternate if they were in the characters shoes... xD

Besides that one issue, and one opinion I loved it. The controls were smooth. The music/scenery were very well themed although I wish there was a visible mute for the music as it's currently playing while I type this review... Lol. I'm a bit weird btw. I used Space to jump and Arrow keys to move. It felt strange to jump with X when using the arrow keys for some reason. Another personal preference I suppose.

a good game not too challanging not too easy, but I really didn't get the 'feeling of loss" theat was mentioned. only a feeling that im in a bad place. and there is almost no feeling of loss when the charicter comes back to life. it's a rebirth story more than anything. plz make another sometime :)

I did enjoy it, however,
I understand why it is dark, and it really has an almost Dark Souls feel to it, where as the amount of times you die...

The dark dingy look of the game really makes you appreciate the roses... A lot.. but for me, the controls is what did it in. They feel slippery, like you have no actual control over the character( Whether that was intended or not remains to be seen), and the level design is sort of irritating.

All in all, I like it, it just needs some tweaks!

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2015
1:34 PM EDT