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Reviews for "ascend"

Beautiful use of Unity.
Perfect atmosphere
Great music
Simple yet elegant gameplay
All round 10/10
(Try to add a menu though)

This game is amazing, the controls were very great, the jump was perfect, the colors were powerful, the music was SUPER, the ending was great.

though i didnt really understand the story here

I loved the atmosphere. The music doesn't hurt either, it's quite well chosen, the BGM and the ending music alike. I appreciated the choice of putting another rose at the rightmost ending path which forces you to do the path all over again, if you choose to get it to get the alternative ending. It's sorta like the author is saying "okay, I give you a second chance, but you're gonna need to pay for it, OR you could choose the easy way out. Just sayin'."

The story behind it is good, simple. I loved it. I appreciated most the alternative ending and the message you gave with the two of them considered together. All in all, a good game. Even if it takes some playthroughs to get the alternative ending, the ability to choose different paths prevents it from boring you, if not a little. I especially liked how things have allegorical meanings ("you lost yourself - it was too much to bear", even some paths "This jump is long. Maybe too long for most.", implying you have to either trust yourself to be able to do difficult things or choose a different path.)

Rant over. Good Job.

The controls were quite responsive, the level design solid (Though I do believe I'm now sick of spike-covered moving blocks). I liked how many detours you could take throughout the level for more flowers.

The atmosphere was very well crafted and very foreboding. The sound design in particular was wonderful, with the song playing near flowers being a highlight.

The art was good quality, though the cutesy player sprite clashed considerably with the tone of the rest of the game, as did the (main) ending. I did not have much interest in the story as given by the text, as it scrolled very slowly and was excessively cryptic.

I did not see anything particularly bad about this game. A nice and short experience.

Great platforming and level design. The music, bits of singing, and occasional exposition its really do wonders to contribute to the spooky atmosphere. I loved the flower mechanics to life, you could go out of your way to get them to see mor eand more color come back to the character, but if you did then you typically had to go back over dangerous areas, wher eyou might lose the life you got. It was clever.

I liked the two endings as well, it took me several tries to get the second, which made it satisfying when I finally did.

If I had to nitpick anything, it'd be the background and designs on the block. Once you get to the end, it really just doesn't look like they fit. Also, I would have liked to see more of the narrative to describe how the girl got to where she was. BUt these are just minor points, it's a really fun game overall.