Reviews for "ascend"

Beautiful use of Unity.
Perfect atmosphere
Great music
Simple yet elegant gameplay
All round 10/10
(Try to add a menu though)

This game is amazing, the controls were very great, the jump was perfect, the colors were powerful, the music was SUPER, the ending was great.

though i didnt really understand the story here

I loved the atmosphere. The music doesn't hurt either, it's quite well chosen, the BGM and the ending music alike. I appreciated the choice of putting another rose at the rightmost ending path which forces you to do the path all over again, if you choose to get it to get the alternative ending. It's sorta like the author is saying "okay, I give you a second chance, but you're gonna need to pay for it, OR you could choose the easy way out. Just sayin'."

The story behind it is good, simple. I loved it. I appreciated most the alternative ending and the message you gave with the two of them considered together. All in all, a good game. Even if it takes some playthroughs to get the alternative ending, the ability to choose different paths prevents it from boring you, if not a little. I especially liked how things have allegorical meanings ("you lost yourself - it was too much to bear", even some paths "This jump is long. Maybe too long for most.", implying you have to either trust yourself to be able to do difficult things or choose a different path.)

Rant over. Good Job.

This was a quite excellent little platformer. The music and color scheme gave a nice sense of foreboding, and I liked how the girl's color scheme became more vibrany the more "lives" you picked up. The physics were a little too slippery and made some of the latter platforming segments harder than they needed to be, but I was able to get both endings. I like the multiple paths available, you can take a straightforward one and shoot for the exit, or loop around a bit to collect flowers for extra hits.

And of course, the ending gives a nice little tease, depending on which one you get.

it is a good game, it was fun and challenging, but u should put something that tells you if you have completed all of it, because i got the bad ending then the good without dying and 5 lifes, and with that i thought if you completed it with 1,2,3,4,or 5 lifes you get different endings, but there were no change, and now i noticed, that you can get more than 5 if you go left then get down and go right, but i have not been able to finish without loosing one.
the thing is, if i get all of them after some time and effort and i get nothing in return, not even a slight different ending, i will be incredible disapointed. so I think something that tells you that u got all of the endings would be good, at least I wont be expecting something after all my effort.
appart from this I think it is a deep good game