Reviews for "ascend"

A fun little platformer adventure! Smooth controls, varied sceneries and plenty of action. Nice work!


Well, it was interesting, but I have the same problem as nyllsowath. The thing I'm controlling looks like a big pink box, and so do the other (what I'm assuming are) people in the game. Is that the way it's supposed to be, or is there something wrong here?

rose-engine responds:

Hi, I'm afraid that's not how the game is supposed to look. I'm afraid you might be experiencing a problem with your unity browser plugin (sounds like it's missing some sprites). Have you tried updating your unity plugin to the latest version? Could you send me a pm with your browser/system specs?

didn't know a dead person can sing so beautifully :P anyway great game man I would of preferred faster jump reaction but besides that everything was great in this game

Great game. It's more difficult than it looks. I would suggest that you add a slight pause between hits. When I fall onto spikes its like whamwhamwham and i'm done. I don't have time to react and save myself.

I think this game is great! Lovely atmosphere, good story that's difficult to uncover (which I like), and I love the multiple endings idea. Currently trying for the good ending, which is REALLY hard to get, that's the only downside; I'm invested in the story and I can't give up now. If you're reading this review, I'd definitely give this game a play! It's quite fun, at least in my opinion. Good luck!