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Idle Web Tycoon

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Jul 15, 2014 | 12:40 PM EDT

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5 Botnets 5 Points Purchase 5 Botnets
5 One Minds 5 Points Purchase 5 One Minds
5 PCs 5 Points Purchase 5 friends PCs
5 Quantum Chips 5 Points Purchase 5 Quantum chips
5 Quantum Rifts 5 Points Purchase 5 Quantum Rifts
5 Refreshers 5 Points Purchase 5 auto-refreshing tabs
5 Sentient Techs 5 Points Purchase 5 Sentient Techs
5 Server Farms 5 Points Purchase 5 Server farms
5 Servers 5 Points Purchase 5 dedicated servers
5 Super Computers 5 Points Purchase 5 Super Computers
10 Botnets 10 Points Purchase 10 botnets
10 One Minds 10 Points Purchase 10 one minds
10 PCs 10 Points Purchase 10 friends PCs
10 Quantum Chips 10 Points Purchase 10 quantum chips
10 Quantum Rifts 10 Points Purchase 10 quantum rifts
10 Refreshers 10 Points Purchase 10 auto-refreshing tabs
10 Sentient Techs 10 Points Purchase 10 sentient techs
10 Server Farms 10 Points Purchase 10 server farms
10 Servers 10 Points Purchase 10 dedicated servers
10 Super Computers 10 Points Purchase 10 super computers
1K views 10 Points Reach over 1000 views
250+ Assets 10 Points Buy over 250 items from the store
1 Million views! 25 Points Reach over 1 million site views
1000 Clicks 25 Points Manually click the refresh button over 1000 times
500+ Assets 25 Points Buy over 500 items from the store
Maxed Ads 25 Points Increase the number of ads to x9
Maxed Bandwidth 25 Points Increase bandwidth to x9
1 Billion views!! 50 Points Reach over 1 billion views
700+ Assets!! 50 Points Buy over 700 items from the store
1 Trillion views!!! 100 Points Reach over 1 trillion views

Author Comments

Setup your own website and then invest wisely in different technologies to maximise your site views. Increase your bandwidth to allow more traffic to your site and include more adverts on your homepage to optimise your revenue.

!Offline mode -v3.2
Your site now gains views whilst you’re offline!

!!Big update - v3.0
Sorry it took so long, but this was a big update and other things kept getting in the way.

Anyway, here are the new features:

-There is now the option to prestige, this will let you expand onto other planets within the galaxy.

-These planets can be conquered and as you conquer more of the galaxy your commander rank will increase.

-Prestiging will clear all your cash and assets but will convert your view count into experience points.

-Experience points act as a multiplier, increasing the rate at which your site gains views. Experience points aren't wiped when you prestige so will accumulate to give quite a large boost as you get to more difficult planets.

-On top of this a lot of people have been requesting the ability to open extra tabs with bonus content such as minigames, so I have added some new functionality to the in-game browser allowing you to open one new tab every time you prestige.

-Bonus tabs contain odd little bits of content, some of them are conventional minigames and some are just small idle-esque toys to play with while you wait.

-There are 8 bonus tabs in total and you unlock one every time you prestige.

-I've also made a lot of bug fixes and other subtle tweaks.

Thanks for your patience and best of luck with your galactic conquest.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Make a website called and imagine that every one is linking this to every one else


Rated 0 / 5 stars

can start a new game remove this


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved this game and when i posted this i was on p-7 and i noticed that Earth was the only planet that didn't have "Sector 1 Sector 2 Scetor ect. And this was repetitive ine my eyes New Earth could have at least had like New United states or that

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's a very fun time killer

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I made PornHub a total success :)

Best Game ever 10/10