Reviews for "Idle Web Tycoon"

Really enjoying this game, however i thought it was broke but i just needed more one minds for the global domination - this could've been made clearer but other than that loved it!

Pretty addicting game! :) Pretty cool how you can customize the site too, even if it's pretty limited. I didn't get to the mini-game sites, but it's nice there's incentive to keep going even after you conquer the world. Plenty of variation to keep you hooked, without necessarily making progress any slower to keep players still playing. Also appreciate the options menu, and the alternatives to toggle effects to speed up the game on slow computers, and save, and even post score! It was a fun grind; nicely interfaced!


No words...

Good clicker game and world domination...er...making a website is fun.

Nice game. I've played it for weeks already.
I think there is a minor bug in the world dominator though.
When I activate the world dominator at rank 0
it reduces one mind by 1 whenever I enslave something for example North America.
After I prestiged the world dominator is always available, but I still need at least 1 one mind to enslave something, but then the game doesn't take the one minds away anymore.
Besides that I'd recommend the factor 10 for bandwidth and No. of ads.