Reviews for "Idle Web Tycoon"

Nice game. I've played it for weeks already.
I think there is a minor bug in the world dominator though.
When I activate the world dominator at rank 0
it reduces one mind by 1 whenever I enslave something for example North America.
After I prestiged the world dominator is always available, but I still need at least 1 one mind to enslave something, but then the game doesn't take the one minds away anymore.
Besides that I'd recommend the factor 10 for bandwidth and No. of ads.

This is a decent idle game, but the Quantum Chip is underpowered. Its return of investment takes almost as long as the Sentient Tech.

very nice clicker/idle game :D

Just like cookie clicker.. but not creepy af :)

Love it! I have a site called ISuck, where you can buy your VERY OWN I-Suck mobile device! Wow-wee! (We are not responsible for the loss of: 1. State of mind. 2. Self-consciousness. Any other injury or activity associated with this product is NOT apart of I-Suck's abilities or functions . It was your fault.)

Anyway, I'm giving this 4/5 stars because it allows you to make your own website, enslave the planet and grow as a dystopian superior ruler. It's quick, and easy to start. The only problem is that I don't know how much I'm selling when the Domination Board (As I like to call it) is blocking the panel that shows how much money you get when you sell all your assets.