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One World

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An idle game that doesn't require a lot of effort. As you upgrade your planet, it will change before your very eyes. Add atmosphere to start, and as you gain more and more spirit, you can purchase better upgrades.

Atmosphere, Land, Plants, Humans, and Temples all have visual effects attached to their overall level. Bacteria (too small), Organisms (too small), Prophets (just humans), and Animals (too small) don't have any visible changes.

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So I like to treat this like I beat the game because I pulled a true master class move imo. I read the angry reviews about how getting a temple crashes the game, so I avoided them entirely. So much so I let it run long enough to actually begin to afford things on the second planet without the need for temples on the first planet. Ill note this strange appocalypse seemed to occur at a point in which all of the green vanished from the first planet, preceding my final epic power move. I figured "ok so what if the temple glitch is only on the first planet" and I wanted to see if getting one would let you use spirit booster just to know what that even does. However I can confirm after several hours that temple does in fact instantly crash you on the second planet also. Game was ok over all. Thanks for the experience and thanks again to the reviews.