Reviews for "One World"

lol i'm focusing on mainly adding atmosphere, that my planet looks like a giant ball of ice. good graphics and the game is not boring for an idle game. it is actually quite addicting.

Enjoyable game that gives a real sense of being god. Seems a little short sided compared to some others and presentation doesn't seem fully done yet. I saw no animations for the planet outside of land appearing. I couldn't see my animals.

Great game, there's not many good, pure upgrade games being made anymore.
The only thing that I have to knock down for is that the plants, animals, humans, etc. don't show up on my planet. All I can see is land, water, and a few blurry whisps that I think are atmosphere. Playing on Internet Explorer, it seems Chrome has the same problem according to another review. What browsers are supported?

I played this game on Chrome, and unfortunately the only visible additions to the planet were the Atmosphere and Land options. Adding humans, plants, and everything else was not visible. This was disappointing, of course, but I give you three stars because this really is a stupendous idea. If you were to re do this and pour a unusual amount of time and resources into the production, you could make a game that would easily be best of the year. I love games like these, and unfortunately there are not many left out there, pure simple upgrade games! I hope you look into doing something more with this.

xyzzygames responds:

Thanks for your review. Atmosphere, Land, Plants, Humans, and Temples all have effects. Bacteria (too small), Prophets (just humans), and Animals don't have any visible changes.

I like this game but needs more features.