Reviews for "One World"

guys don't worry is you don't save it auto saves is that cool or what

I love the jokes for almost all the evolutionary breakthrough. For an idle game, this one is beautifully crafted. Very easy to navigate, no need for instructions, and most of all the music isn't one type i can get sick of quickly.

Seems a pleasant enough time-spender.

For anyone else wondering about the Spirit Boost button, I think I've got it: Just hover over it. While you're hovered over the Spirit Boost, your spirit/sec doubles.

So I've been playing pretty much any idle game I can get my hands on. Most of them are awful, boring, poorly balanced, etc. Some are good and appealing to look at. Yours however ranks at the top 3 of idles I've played because it has a simple yet appealing presentation, it has super calming and not annoying music, and the numbers and scaling prices are pretty nicely balanced. Also I love your jokes and the idea of added new planets every month is great.

One question, does the "spirit boost" button do anything yet? Or is that going to be added later? I've already got 100 of everything on the 1st planet and working on the same for the next... but the button still doesn't seem to do anything...

perfect game! lovely music,cool graphics like in Roblox (Roblox.com) and lovely text :D the other planet is secret,and the spirit boost is cool! the secret planet is darn expensive,but is cool!