Reviews for "One World"

Wont load up. Just a black screen. Ergo....no stars.

Standard idle game with some cool graphics and good music. My main complaint is that a parsec is a unit of length, not time.

gets really old, really fast. I usually like games where you upgrade things, but if anything this is an idler. You let it sit for long enough, and you could get the temple right away. it would definitely be a much better game if there was any actual change going on on the planet (perhaps green things up a bit when you get more and more plants, and the more humans appear, the atmosphere is "diminished" or something. Something to add to the game, which makes it some sort of attention keeper.)

I like it, I'm a sucker for levelling up systems. Wish something was more dyadic though not sure what. Maybe we could see moving things on the planet as well as a gradual change to the look? :) good work though

nice, but it get's borig after you bought the first temple..