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the red snow

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edit: whoa, weekly fourth & review crew? you all are crazy cool, and my belated thanks for the front page slot as well!

so here's my nata novice round entry, completed in about six days. the theme was "through a strangers eyes." I chose to do a piece about how one's perspective changes the way one sees the world, and how even black and white actions like killing may bleed out into the gray given the right circumstance and point of view. or whatever.

Huge thanks to TheGoatee, dude produced this awesome score in like 6 hours. Like, I mean, damn, how is that even possible?

some of my source files, if that's your jam:

if tumblr is your jam, come follow me for wips and gifs:

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A soul for a soul...

gorgeous animation style... i love the simplicity of the story, and the music was perfect

The minimalism was on point, the story was on point, the story was on point, the music was on point, the sound was on point.

You could not have done a single thing better.

the eloquent guitar simply accentuates the moving and intricate show!

the art is grate and etc about your cool art style.

dylan responds:

thanks etc