Reviews for "the red snow"

Great work

dylan responds:

cool beans

Reminds me of this time my family and I found a bengal cat in the fall a couple of years back who threw up anything that wasn't fresh bloody rabbit.

Huh...Sounded more serene in my head.

Anyways reat depiction of the life cycle. (Better than that lion king crap)

dylan responds:

majestic animals those bengal cats

A tale for the ages! Aw sympathy for the bunny but then it's for the puppy. Why was there blood over all the trees? Was there an unrelated slaughter, or did you just like the way it looked?

I liked the way it looked. But I hope you continue to push your talent for storytelling, too.

dylan responds:

i will do no such thing

it was just a beautiful animation none the less, leaving me speechless.. great depiction of nature( im guessing) great awesome job and keep up the work :D

dylan responds:

you guess correct, claim your prize!

such a beutiful and accurate representation of the circle of life.
such a brutal representation of the food chain and how vulnerable some creatures are to the top dogs ( not a pun)
Anyway you look it at. just plain beautiful.

dylan responds:

yes that was a pun, don't lie.

It's okay, we respect puns round here