Reviews for "the red snow"

Play with my feelings so much.
And also, i like this style of image.
Obs: Any wrong word it's because i'm BR, brazilian.

dylan responds:

I play those feelings like they're a tuba

Since I am also a rabbit, this was a very chilling animation. Beautiful score by Jacob Wilkins.

dylan responds:

fun fact: for a hot minute it crossed my mind to have you and Gianni play the family of wolves, if only to keep the Piper-SirUndead family going

Hmm i must give 5/5 as it was true what kids sees nowdays in disney cartoons etc.
Even its rated teen i think ill show it for my daughter and ask what she think. Bunny did die but so would wolf cub if not.

dylan responds:

thank you I think!

Such a simple yet artful video, Gave me chills down my spine
I love how it ecompasses so much emotion and ends on the circle of life
Great work sire, I hope to see more from you

dylan responds:

sire - noun
"the male parent of an animal, especially a stallion or bull kept for breeding."

Excellent! As biological organismm, humans behave very similarly. We do it for food/money/resources. So there is another perspective to conquests, land-grabs and so on.

dylan responds:

land-grabs? Is that like when you're on the beach and you pick up a handful of sand before going all-out barefoot? You know, to make sure it's not too hot for your bare feet and such