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Edit: Thank you guys for the feedback. I plan on redoing the game in the near future to make it better

Run(or briskly walk), jump, and cut and paste the environment to complete your first assignment at Intelle-tech.
esc- level select screen
r- reset level

For the Stencyl jam 2014.
The project was a bit rushed, but I hope you enjoy it. If there's any interest I'll remake it into a full-er game.

If you encounter any bugs let me know... knowing me there probably are some crawling around...

*I unlocked all the levels on the level select screen from the start to compensate for a last minute save bug.

Music from the wonderful NoSoapRadio.us "clocktower"

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Pretty good game. Jumped out of my goddamn skin the first time the clock attacked. It didn't make sense to me that the computer enemy could shoot through walls, and the game seemed glitchy at point, but I enjoyed it.

I played the first few levels then realized that pressing enter could just bring you to the next level. It really is an interesting game but it seems as if there is no reward for completing levels other than a personal feeling of badassery.

The clock attack sound is Terrifying!

This is actually a pretty good game, and an original one at that!

I like the music too. I think that the animations/graphics were fine, but even if this is an office, I could've done with a slightly better background :p

The gameplay is pretty challenging at points. I don't know if there's already a way to do this, but I would've liked a way to cancel accidental cuts!

Anyhow, well done!

MiscEtc responds:

Thankyou Lucid.

I agree that the background looks bland, even for an office theme. I'll have to fix that.

There actually isn't a way to cancel cuts now, but the feature will be there when I redo the game.


Finally, done.
This was one hell of a platformer. Challenging. VERY challenging. There were a few glitches in some of the levels that caused the game to continue, despite not having all the papers.
Story, there is only the beginning and the very end. The end makes me want to swear at my monitor. I did. Profusely. Then again, I guess that was the point. Eh.
The enemies. I freaked when I was first attacked. So, good job there. Time snuck up on me. The other enemy, it's a bit cheap, he can fire through walls, and shoots whenever you're on the same level. It can be annoying avoiding him, but not overly so.
Death sphere. They exist, don't touch them. Use them to kill everything else. Thank you for allowing us to move them too. IT REALLY made the game more... versatile? diversified?
Now, there's the protagonist. He's okay. I do wish there was a second sound effect for the double jump though. Although, the first grates the ears a little. You get used to it, but honestly, you shouldn't have to. Copy/Paste works really well, but sometimes there's a visual glitch where placing something inside an object won't make the other disappear. Enemies still exist, and still attack, but thankfully the death balls are effectively nullified. Jump can be just a smidge too high, or too low. I was sometimes almost able to jump three blocks higher, but never able to land, I think this is for the pillars that exist at 2.5 blocks, but still,it's annoying to see my character look like they can land, but not. Mostly personal gripe though. Thank you though, for including the .5 pillars, they helped a lot and exploiting them in pasting made things more manageable, yet not didn't break the game due to the limit to how we transported them.
Level Design, A lot of these were pretty good, I especially like the 'tutorial' levels. They helped get you in the groove of the game without being too "kind".
You put some thought into some of these levels. Although for some, I feel like you simply ran through it once, put down scissors where YOU needed them and just left to address the next level. But really, I liked it a little this way, you're mechanic is designed to be used so differently that it's nearly impossible for designing a puzzle with only one solution. Still though, some felt like they were the ONLY solution.
Some negative things I noticed were
- The repetitive music,
- Jumping into the space between two blocks was FAR harder than it needed to be.
- Second to last level (deathball maze)
- Too high jumping
- Really REALLY bland art style. But that's less a fault and more just, style. Still, it bored me looking at it. Fix up the presentation. Although I'm happy you spent more time on the actual puzzles.

Overall, I feel like this is a bit above average. Not much, but it's clever and challenging, a little glitchy, a little boring at times, but always pretty good.
Really long too.
Good day.

MiscEtc responds:

Thankyou very much for your indepth review. I will take what you said into consideration. I still have a lot to learn.
Also do you have an example of a good sounding jump sound you could point me to?
Oh, and yes, some of the levels didn't get much attention, I was running out of time to finish for the competition you see.

Anyway, have a nice day!