Reviews for "Control X/V"

ok i'll just run down my impressions as i play

-the jump sound effect sounds so horrible and clashes with the art style so harshly that it basically ruined the game for me right at the start
-the non smoothness of the cut/paste box when moving it around with click held down
-the ugly slide-ish animation of the character walking around
-the lack of any auditory feedback that the player has initiated a second jump is an oversight but almost a welcome one given the disgusting jump noise

forget this. not worth the time.

MiscEtc responds:

I found your response a bit rude, but I appreciate the feedback anyway.

I got a jump scare when that alarm clock attacked! Very well done! I'm definitely going to be playing this game until I finish it.

MiscEtc responds:

thankyou Detective!

I enjoyed this one, got the fright of my life the first time one of the clocks went for me!

MiscEtc responds:

I'm glad you liked it!

I'd suggest a more clear listing (maybe capitalized string) of the game's functions in the game description. I sort of assume it's some story introduction so I skipped after the first line and jumped to the end. I was gonna say "What level selection?" before I notice you actually did mention how to access it.

I agree with squidly about the art direction, it's not that it's annoying but it just feels a bit..eh...let's just say the tiles of your choice are not complementing each other very well.
Not yet optimal, I'd say.

But other than that I appreciate the game. Music and enemy design are both very well done. The Clockroach, the Crawler and Vortex Painting are all very nightmarish in nature, excellent design! (Unlike DragonessUniverse below, I actually liked the Clockroach's sfx; each to their own, I guess.)

The last couple of stages are no longer about platforming, but more of brain teasers; either style is fun.

Some bugs:
In some stages it seems you don't need every document to pass.
For example, Level 17.
(This is not the only stage, but the one stage I remember)

I can no longer reproduce this one but I noticed there seem to be occasions that a clip/paste would cripple you. You can no longer jump afterwards.
(I suspect it's a sort of glitch that you're actually getting stuck in a solid tile but the game still lets you move freely, just not jumping)

In stage 20, you cannot move the the lower right-most Vortex Painting. Clip/Paste will only invert its color.

MiscEtc responds:

Thank you for the feedback (and bug list) ytrfamli! Much appreciated and quite helpful. Also, Im glad you liked the enemy designs.

Not a bad game, and an interesting new mechanic for a platforming game. This had a nice creepy atmosphere, largely due to the music and the very sudden attacks from the enemies.

My biggest complaint is the audio. I don't mean the background music, that is fine. The problem is the noises that the office-supply monsters make. The noises they make are grating, and startle me every time without fail. The clocks are especially bad when they attack, I found that noise to be downright terrifying and unpleasant to listen to, even when the volume was low and I was expecting the sound.

Other ways you could improve the game: having a way to cancel selected cuts, making the level selection screen more organized/less visually confusing, and making it easier to avoid/deal with enemies (there was a bug where the computer could still shoot me through platforms when I trapped it, and I found the shots very difficult to dodge). It would also improve it to give it more story, at least an implied one, as I had no idea why I was in an office building and being attacked by animate office supplies. I really felt like there was a story I was missing out on while I was playing.

Overall, not a bad game, but it still has a lot of flaws. Give it more work, and you may end up with something great!

MiscEtc responds:

Thanks for the feedback DragonessUniverse. I actually did have a story planned, but I ran out of time for the contest.