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Mafia Stories 2

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Start 5 Points

Just started playing

TheBadGuy 5 Points

Pete has been killed.

TheGoodGuy 5 Points

Do not kill Pete!

BossKiller 25 Points

Killed the casino boss

Chameleon 25 Points

Master the disguise part without loosing any life before

Drinker 25 Points


SilentSneaker 25 Points

Master the sneaking part without loosing any life before

AngryCook 50 Points

Win the fight against the cook

Boxer 50 Points

Beat Jack and Larry without loosing any power

Don 50 Points

Beat the game successfully.

MrPerfect 100 Points

Beat the game without loosing any life

Author Comments

Mafia Stories 2 is an action-adventure game with simple pixel graphics based on genre-specific stereotypes and it is the sequel of Mafia Stories (link to the prequel below).
Since the last version some new features were added and the whole gameplay has been reworked.

The game includes platformer action events, quick time events and basic adventure elements...So you sometimes have to accommodate to those three modes depending on the current situation.

It also has a non-linear plot at some points (depending on your decisions), many interesting locations, fancy characters, catchy tunes and - of course - the typical mafia/badass feeling you know from the prequel. I hope you might enjoy it and if you do then leave a review and don't forget to rate ;-)!

Controls (character movement):

Move forward: arrow key right, D
Move backward: arrow key left, A
Crouch: arrow key down, S
Sneak: arrow key down, S + arrow key right/left, A, D
Sneak/Crouch and punch/shoot (when in shooting mode): Sneak + F
Shoot mode on/off: Space
Fight/Shoot (only if weapon avaible): F
For quick time events/dialogs/interactions follow screen instructions (mostly arrow keys).

Here is a link to the walkthrough:

Here is a link to the prequel (Mafia Stories):

UPDATE 20.01.14:
- Some bugs fixed (disguise clothes + money bug)
- A big thanks to NG for frontpaging the game :-) !!!

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nice job

nice game i have all the achievements ;)

Nice Game.

MrPerfect is a hard medal to get.

This is a much better game than its predecessor. the grammar's correct, it's more than just quick-time, the game is longer, and the storytelling has improved. There are some cons though. If you punch, it slows down everyone's movements, and if you spam the punch button in a fight you become invincible for some reason. The money gathering and burger place are both arbitrary, and the "Burgers and Guns" sign near the burger place is a little misleading when you're trying to get into the club. It made me think I needed to buy a gun somehow from the burger shop to kill the guards. Also, just as a side note, the Mr. Perfect medal made me wish I was dead. Took me like half an hour