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Reviews for "Mafia Stories 2"

It was really hard to understand this game, but I still loved it! I think it's just because I love how this thing is paced! There is so much going on and it's so much fun. Yes, there's a part that I can not advance. I really like how you fight in this. While the quality is low, it really does look like you're doing a lot.

You have to just wait before not killing the third guy. It sure is easy to annoy those guards. I was thinking the burgers gave you powers to fight them, but I guess not. The music is great too. It's just a very nice layout.

kokos0102 responds:

Thanks for your review. The burgers do give you power if you have money to buy them or you've lost energy before.

Pure Awesomeness! I like that there are different outcomes this time!

finally then best game has a sequel

kokos0102 responds:


To get drinker medal,drink until you DIE :D

kokos0102 responds:

yes, like in real life.

Awesome, I'm stoked that the sequel is finally here!
I really enjoyed the first Mafia Stories, but this one takes it to a whole new level.
It has a more all around refined feel to it, and I like how you've incorporated real time movement and actions.
Plus, you gotta love the sweet Atari like graphics.
One of the funnier screens shows a man looking like he's dragging some sort of animal on a leash o_O
Not to mention the main characters hair style. I can totally picture Christopher Walken XD
Anyway, keep up the amazing work, and I hope you continue to make more of these kinds of games down the road!

kokos0102 responds:

Thanks for the review!