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Reviews for "Mafia Stories 2"

Really cool, I played the first one and I had been waiting for a sequel, good work man!

good, but its hard to move and when you want to walk, he keeps walking to the other side and never stop

kokos0102 responds:

I think your flash player crashed or something...

Much load.
Many game.
much good.
Much worth load.

A pretty nice attempt.

Movemnt? With a typo on the very first screen, i didn't really expect much. But it's a very entertaining, albeit silly game. Everything is goofy: the controls, the story, the shooting scenes. The limited continues also cripple the expirience, since you are required to beat certain stages through trial and error. I found myself restarting the game several times. Overall, it's a vast improvement from the previous title. The series has a great potential and i'd like to see a continuation. 3/5, 7/10.

kokos0102 responds:

Tank you for your review

I hate it when it glitches ( press a key, it sticks..)

kokos0102 responds:

That should be a performance problem, noticed that on older pcs...