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Reviews for "Mafia Stories 2"

l freeze.........fu¨%

A great sequel to a great predecessor however there is a few cons:

At the last boss fight,sometimes I have to click the mouse twice otherwise it won't shoot

Sometimes when I punch..the punch doesn't even hit the enemy even though I am close to him

The gameplay in this game is awesome....the animations are neatly done.....instead of a point n' click,it makes you control your character.

The environment and the game itself are very well drawn....the characters are faceless but they're still good.

The sounds are pretty simple and great,the main theme is quite motivating. Gotta love the song at the burger though

Some Bugs:
It seems when walking...the main character's left arm glitches out

Whenever I unlocked a medal...it would keep flashing and re-unlocking 5 times and in the end it didn't even unlock....this was fixed when I restarted the game though.

Overall: This game is GREAT for just a pixel game and I wish to see a part 3. I give this Badass game a 4/5

kokos0102 responds:

Thanks for your review :-)!

Super hard.

I WIN <3