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You Only Get One Face

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Clean shaven 5 Points

Successfully shaved it all off!

Full beard 5 Points

Successfully find the full beard!

Full Gringo 10 Points

Successfully find the Full Gringo!

King Tut 10 Points

Dig up King Tut

La Poirot 10 Points

Detect la Poirot!

Mutton Chops 10 Points

Lookin' hot in yer Mutton Chops

Napoleon Imperial 10 Points

Successfully find the Napoleon Imperial

Soul Patch 10 Points

Find your soul (patch)

The Lemmy 10 Points

Locate Lemmy!

Thespian 10 Points

Successfully audition the Thespian

Abe 25 Points

Hey Abe, my top lip is awful chilly!

Fu manchu 25 Points

Don't f*** with the Fu Manchu

Goatee 25 Points

Successfully find the Goatee

Zappa 25 Points

Rock out the Zappa

The Souvarov 50 Points

Successfully find The Souvarov

Winnfield 50 Points

Successfully find The Winnfield

Sparrow 100 Points

Enter random pirate quote here...

The Anchor 100 Points

Anchor's away! Aweigh? Meh.

Author Comments

Inspired by McFunkypants and his crazy charity button antics, I thought I'd have a crack at trying to raise some money!

So, I thought, what do I have that I can auction off for charity?

Well, my friends, I have my beard, but I only have one.

Well, that beard is going to be sacrificed.

At your hands.

Now, I love my beard dearly, but this just seemed like it was more important than my feelings on the matter. Also, I was mightily hungover and, by the time I'd sobered up enough to realise it was a bad idea, I'd already made half the game.


************************* HOW TO PLAY **********************

- Make different beards.

- Submit your creations to see if they are a close enough match to any of the 'charity beards'

- Find your favourite beards (you can refer to the guide on screen '?')

- Once you have found your favourite, you can vote for it by giving money to charity!!

- Each beard has a different charity (still some left to add)

- The beard that earns the most for its charity will be worn through February (could only set the charity pages up to last until the end of the year so I'm going to duplicate them for the month of January)

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A fantastic game

The interface comes out really well especially on the visual, A really unique concept and plays out well nifty game here a skill and strategy style of game makes it that much more fun, unique design and layout you gave it some nice ideas to keep the fun going because these types of games make you think and keep your eyes trained anyways nice game you have created.

Nice game no changes needed


trophies don't work :(

won't let me do the anchor! :(

great game !!

I like this game a lot more than I expected I would. The interface is well laid out, the controls are smooth are responsive, and the game doesn't act buggy or glitchy (although I have found a bug?, the gameplay is smooth), the game isn't too nit-picky about player accuracy, and the music is fun.
The only problem I've found so far, I tried a Charlie Chaplin moustache, and after submitting it, I got booed, and then the game would allow me to continue to style and undo, but it would no longer allow to me to be submit, so I'll have to reload the game.
After coming here to comment, I found another person with a similar issue, but I believe the style he tried is probably much like the one I did, so I don't know if the problem is more general (any unlisted style), or just that particular Chapman/Hitler style.
Other than that one issue, though, the game is great, and I can't wait to check out your other work. Oh, I almost forgot, Thank you for sharing your time and talent to give us this game.

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2013
7:19 PM EST