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Reviews for "You Only Get One Face"

Pretty good but does not recognize all beards, has some gliches, and Chaplin beard seems very wrong that compare with the Hitler beard.

very bad taste that you treat the charlie chaplin mustache as a hitler one. Sad to know, because of people like you stereotypes continue to grow. Why not put more emphasis on the good people who wore the stash?


Really fun but there are some minor things that could be improved :
1) Beard counter : It tells me 17/18, but I'm sure I haven't done the three medals I'm missing while writing this.
2 ) An "already done" screen which appears instead of "Nothing to see"
3 ) Reset the progress could be useful if you want to make someone play the game, unglitch the counter, or simply for the pleasure to complete the game over and over...

The first one I did was the Charlie Chaplin mustache. Why on earth did the game reacted with a "boooooh"???