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Reviews for "You Only Get One Face"

I found this to be a pretty easy game, mostly because I could just do anything and come up with a medal. It was probably a bit too easy that way. I still think it's okay. There was just not much going on at all. I can't blame you for a game made in such a short time. I still have played games that did a much better job.

I guess a barber game is pretty original. The music was fairly good too. I like how much it seems to be from the Gay Nineties. Historians won't snicker at that one! I just don't want to have facial hair.

Pretty fun stuff. The Hitler 'stache response was great. Only beef I have is, the Zappa looked way off. I mean, I had the perfectest Zappa ever, but I had to keep trimming it down, and then the picture is just, eh. Otherwise, great job.

very good , but where is the norrys ? 5'0 clock ? but it still a very good game , and fucking awesome pixel art :D

Add the painting ability, I want to make a Warfstache!

there is an easter egg is you try to make hitler's mustache

triplevisiongames responds:

I'm a big fan of a lot of Charlie Chaplin's work so I felt I had to put it in there, even if it has been tarnished somewhat.

I really couldn't let people vote on it though in case I had to actually wear that facial furniture in real life!