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Mr Pig's Great Escape

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Freedom for Mr Pig! 25 Points

Complete Mr Pig's Great Escape and get to the goal of freedom!

Author Comments

Help Mr. Pig escape the farm and get to his goal of freedom! Run and jump through over 15 levels of increasing difficulty. An old school 8bit like platformer. My first go with pixel art and making a game.
*New version uploaded 7.3.13 with fixed bugs addressing some issues mentioned on the Stencyl forums and here on Newgrounds. More to come soon!

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I will still give a high rating even though I gave up trying to play due to the buggy butchering saw areas. Hit detection is too sensitive even when ducking I still get killed which isn't supposed to happen. Also you can get stuck at certain points after running into a wall forcing you to restart the game which ultimately made me tap out.

Super meat boy is it you? nah this ain´t got shit on SMB. it´s not that hard. still pretty hard tho. a bug here or there, mainly the saws are annoying af but over all a decent hardcore platformer. well done.

gets kinda buggy on the walls and such, and at some levels where you die you don't respawn again

Okay game which could be a great game if it weren't for the inexcusable lag, game bugs, and, in some cases, design flaws.

When you're wall-hopping for example it's very easy to glitch and end up inside the wall.

Also in the butchery there are spikes that are background, but it isn't clear at all these are background. This is a very blatant design flaw causing the player to have to guess which are real spikes and which are fake.

And don't ever remove the option for the player to lower game quality. That's just nasty as well as poor design. Because the option has been removed you actually have to lower the game quality before you click on play.

Oh and the lag is very inexcusable. Lots of times the buttons just will outright fail to respond at all.

Played this with a mapped controller: Superb! The game is great, however, I have a few advices (not complaints, advices). Fix the few buggy platforms. They can really kill gameplay, and even make start the game all over if you get stuck in them. There is one in the last level that get's really annoying: You have to make a wall jump on it, but Mr. Pig get's stuck in it until a saw kills him. It is frustrating to repeat the same level lots of times just because of that. Also, try not to use leaps of faith. Remember, a fair hard game always shows you what you are facing. It isn't fair to die because of a saw you can't see, or falling because you can't see the platform you are supposed to jump to. The soundtrack is great, but it would be better if it didn't restart from level to level or after each death, it rather keep on going. That way we could appreciate better. Some sound effect wouldn't hurt much. One last thing: Check the hit boxes. I personally suggest you remove the ears and limbs from them, since that leaves transparent bits when Mr. Pig jumps that can be hit, and it feels really unfair dying when nothing clearly hit you. All this being said, congratulations, this game is a very nice, challenging throwback worth trying.