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-The Explorer-

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After 3 months of work, I finally finished it! If your confused at what is happening in this movie, be sure to watch the prequel, -The Guardian- !

I couldn't have made this without Step, he's such an amazing musician! Be sure to check his stuff out! :D

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It's so awesome that I dream of it. Literally. There are times when, during a handful of nights, I dream of it every night. And weeks where I think about it every day. Truly a masterpiece. Can't wait for the clairvoyant! KEEP IT UP, YOU'RE AWESOME!

no words...probably

i like the guardian and this cause the animation is awesome and so epic

I have thouroghly enjoyed the two animations of this so far. I really hope that you are planning a third.

Overall this is an amazing animation. I'm guessing that you plan on introducing a cast of characters for a possible series? If so or not it is still a very interesting concept.