Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

i hope you continue the story and about three other characters :)

True teams don't always need a red leader.

this is awesome!
but when are u going to make the next episode?

I have so many questions!! 1. when the explorer turns into a guardian, is that his new skin or armor? 2. when the explorer turned into a guardian, is he still have the same personality? did it hurt? couldnt he try to get away before he completely became a guardian? what material is that orange color /metal/ awesome paranormal armor made out of? would people that arent guardians be scared of them? hate them? try to kill them? damn... i wish i was that explorer. the movie was great and kept me up all night pondering questions. please make more!

yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh im confused with the fact that there are more guardians o____o