Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

There is most likely gonna be another animation like this soon. There were 3 other colored beams that no one, execpt the writer, knows about yet. So yea I really liked it :D! And you make league vids 2!

I love how you based this off of one of your previous animations titled "The Guardian" Pretty neat! I liked how smooth the animation was. Keep doing what you're doing! :)

Great Idea well Thought Out

Love it! First off, the choice of music was fantastic! It is so fitting to the whole story, really sets the mood. Also, the artwork is simple as always, and you did really great for creating the characters expression to the events that partook. I can see this being a great series and excited to see more. Thank you for sharing this and keep up that great work.

I hope there is a "Explorer 2" after this becuase this is awesome.