Reviews for "-The Explorer-"

Overall this is an amazing animation. I'm guessing that you plan on introducing a cast of characters for a possible series? If so or not it is still a very interesting concept.

GREAT He Looks So Awesome When Hes Orang (in my mind: Wish i was like tht)

awesome but T_T why do u have to do a cliffhanger at the end?(lol,get it,CLIFFhanger,cause he fell off a cliff)still awesome flash tho

awesome work .. you haven't lacked at anything and it was nice that you showed even other hero's, why don't you make more and let them unit in one episode and fight together against an enemy.. that would be EPIC! the music is great and well-suited to the movie as expected from such a great animator keep up the good work and remember this .... I am the beast =^,..,^=

this is most likely the guardien part 2