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ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls

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A ZTV News Extra to say thanks for 50,000 Youtube subs and promote Lab Zero's Skullgirls donation drive to fund their new DLC characters:

Click this link to donate!
http://igg.me/at/skullgir ls-dlc/x/2506851

Learn more about Skullgirls here:

This is not a paid advertisement and was not commissioned by Lab Zero or anyone affiliated with them. I just like the game, ok?!

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The best mobile game.

@HadoGodAsashi This was for those new characters and I think some stages too.

Did that even get anywhere? I don't remember the game getting anywhere beyond a few new characters.

i love zone_tan

Do give credit for the work, animation and adding humor to the video but all this was just an ad. I thought I was going to see something funny as usually but nothing really special so I give average of 3/5.

And about Skull Girls I played the demo and it not really my type. I just find it hard how this ad video get 2 place in daily place?