Reviews for "ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls"

i can totally donate

wooo cant donate cuz im piss poor... >.< soooooory zone
frigging friends bday partys one after another...

So... I heard.... Ahhh it been a couple years since I watch a flash movie in here.
Enough small talk, I heard rumours that skull girls is hiring a pornographer to the mix (no nipples, but full on jiggling... You know) oh god don't let the m-bot be on my ass again


Glad you're taking interest in helping out indie game developers and supporting them. They need as much if not more support from the industry than established companies do to help bring in new fresh ideas and talented game designers, as our older generation developers retire/pass on.

I also wanted to say congrats on the animation job at Lab Zero. I'm sure you and the other imaginative and talented artists and developers there will really make Skullgirls shine like it deserves.