Reviews for "ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls"

Congrats on reaching 50k, that's quite an achievement! As for this animation, it was fun as always, but at the same time a little short. Considering how much content has been stuffed into previous episodes I was a bit disappointed to have it end that suddenly, but apart from length, it was great as always, with the greatest host... as always. Looking forward to the next one!


gave my share. feels good.

whos the asain dude at the end?

I think this was really cool, if not some of your best work. Granted, that may just be because it didn't focus too much on porn. I have heard a lot about "Skullgirls" being an independent work. I don't think I'll help you that much, I just have financial problems in my life. It's great to see all this fantastic animation all over again.

You'll just never run out of characters to rape, huh? The funniest bit was probably at the end with the two voices. It's weird how you promote another website here. Of course, I'm all for having all kinds of videos on this website. You won't have as many views on other sites because they don't allow porn.

Ha ha, keep fighting the good fight, Zone. Skullgirls is a worthy game that needs more love. Glad to see I'm not the only one spreading the word.

Hope to see us get what we want. See you next newscast.

~Jacob Steakfries