Reviews for "ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls"

Zone I'm voting this with 5 with everyday.. I hope Skullgirls someday would be a game known by everyone.. i love it so much!!

I've grown to love this silly little show you guys do.


Please, continue wasting more of your spare time you have left, foolish weak mortal.. :)
speaking of skullgirls, i hope that ZONE will make another skullgirls hentai game!!!!

"I Couldnt Find The Door"

BREAKING NEWS! To all skullgirls fans: big band and squigly will be released march 27, however if more donations are reached we will receive and additional 3rd mystery character+ all this is free! You heard me right free! As zone said keep donating and we will allow this small project turn into something amazing!