Reviews for "ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls"

I checked it out. Looks like a promising game.

I've followed your work for a very long while Now, needles to say I'm intrigued of what cause you to start doing this. I mean I'm not trying to pry into privacy or nothing I mean hentai is something I love, and don't get me wrong you do it better than most pay sites (Which is like when we have free animators here doing better than some of the paid animators for anime. Like with Naruto, Bleach, One piece, and Pokemon) I call something like this on the lines of major Bullshit because if a person like you animates so good then why the fuck can paid animators not do it?

I know you get paid along the lines, but lets face it. You do better than most career animators in the world right now, and I think if people rip on people like who make hentai need to just shut the hell up, because more or less they are jealous, and envy is easily felt and is a deadly thing to hold in ones heart.

Now onto my actual point, and sort of a request since I know you watch anime which (fucking duh) you write hentai which means you know about anime. If you could one day if it ever crosses your mind, and trust me I never asked anyone to do so because lets face it can you really go to someone whose done only a handful of animations and say "Can you make this, or that." But I'm willing to fill you in on the details if you want to here my idea of a hentai.

Thank you =) and good luck in the future Zone-sama

i would donate but i have no money sorry D=

=3 piss pig. lol

Always been a fan of Zones work.... ^_^