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Frozen Pixel Hunt

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:::UPDATE::: Front Paged! Thank you very much NEOGEO!
Added an Online Walkthrough.

Hello Boys and Girls.
Well here is my Holiday present to you. This the the second Pixel Hunt game in a series of four I plan on making.
"Frozen Pixel Hunt" features a GIANT pixel poster elegantly designed by Roger Barr (Mockery) and is painstakingly illustrated by POXPOWER, you may have heard of 'em, they created the award winning multi-gasam known as "ABOBO's BIG ADVENTURE".
Anyway if you get stuck you can always go to POXPOWER's website "thepoxbox.com" where he has a cheat sheet, but if you do , you also really should go to "i-mockery.com" and pick up the real poster so you can hang it on your wall.
Anyway, enjoy and happy holidays!

M.B. DeathInk

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THEY MISSPELLED MINUTES >:(((((( (in the medals)

Main problem with this game is that it assumes you are into the pop culture referenced.
If you are not: you have no way of figuring out what you're looking for.
You shouldn't have to go to a website to find out what you're looking for, and doing so basically ruins any "eye spy" element to the game.

If you compare this to "Where's Waldo?" you'll see what I mean:
You don't know EXACTLY what Waldo looks like, but you "pretty much" do.
You know him when you see him.

Love this game but I played then wanted to go back and do some more but the "continue" doesn't seem to want to work. not starting from the beginning.

better censor mohammad before they bomb your house

Its good shit.