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Reviews for "Frozen Pixel Hunt"

Can u make an Easter one?

Steve from Blue clues
Pac man from Pac man
E.T from E.T

Great game, like the horror one !
That's good, but the "time trial" medal is just insane...! The only way I found to get it is to freeze the game by making right clicks all the time. I removed an half star because of that.
But the game is excellent !

make a night one with the Shows and game
Blue clues
wario ware touch
mario party 2 and 3
elmo's world

i love the style, the music got annoying after while and i would love it if i could scroll through the questions instead of finding it straight away

This game was really hit-and-miss. It included some excellent references, but then there were also a lot of "who is this and why should I care?" moments. I suppose that'd differ for each person as to which references they cared about though.

The Good: I was very pleased to see Food Fighters, Dangermouse, Snow Bros., the Noid, my pet monster, Gremlins, Boglins, Yeti from Skifree, and some others.

The Bad: I don't know about your Gameboy but mine didn't have the A and B buttons stacked vertically. Paperboy isn't supposed to be some grey guy. I don't know which "Jack Frost" you were going for but that didn't match any of the Jack Frosts I know of. Since when is Ebeneezer Scrooge a leprechaun santa?

Instead of constantly moving instructions for next find from top to bottom based on mouse position/etc, just permanently stick it at the top, lock it in, and don't make it transparent (it shouldn't be within the actual puzzle window at all) and the scrollable puzzle window should be an entirely separate block underneath that (so it doesn't obscure anything in the puzzle window).

Overall I can tell a lot of time and work went into this so good job on that.