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Reviews for "Frozen Pixel Hunt"

That's an awesome game! Great Job :)

Some of the fun comes from how damn frustrating and absurd some of the choices are. They make me smile but also make me want to punch you. lol Excellent artwork as always but some more time spent on the technical aspects is a MUST. A pause option is essential considering how long it can take, a skip option is always better than getting a "Wrong" just to skip ahead. The amount of "Wrong" I got just clicking on mute and fullscreen was infuriating and many characters were clicked dead center but I still got 'em wrong... Kinda hinders the fun. =/

All that said, I still love these and look forward to more!p

Really good game. I had to guess a lot of them and Google the last few, but there were still a lot I knew. One thing though. You spelled Dethklok wrong, and they're from Metalocalypse.

deathink responds:

hehehe yeah i know... anyway thanks a lot man, I am glad you like it.

I loved 'Hunt of Horror', and this was a great follow-up. Please, please please tell me you're going to make more of these games.

deathink responds:

I think I will be making two more. :D

this game is pretty easy if you know who you are trying to find. other then that, i dont even know half the characters so i had to skip heaps

deathink responds:

Yeah, I had to google some of the names...but that is part of the fun!