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Reviews for "Frozen Pixel Hunt"

I don't know what any of these characters look like. If you're going to make a picture hunt game, please include the picture of what I'm looking for, since not everyone knows every reference.
And get rid of the panning screen and just let me look at the whole thing.

deathink responds:

Well you can always google the name :)

good artwork, but the game leaves much to be desired, like fun. music is okay too, but how did this make the front page?

deathink responds:

Yeah the artwork is real great, but the content of he art work is a real show stopper too. For many of us , its like a nostalgia over load.

So my two star rating is for the incredible picture/artwork!
However the game itself isn't great.
Pressng ay of the buttons in the top right corner causing you to get it 'wrong'.
Infact you can coplete the game by rpeatedly clickingin on each character.
This game had LOADS of potential just bit more coding needs to go into it!

deathink responds:

I will keep thins in mind for the next one.

I really enjoy these kind of games and the layout is fantastic, but personally I much prefer the system of the horror version, I don't know some of the characters and I can't use trial and error in this version because if I guess wrong it changes. Great work though :)

deathink responds:

Thanks man!

decent looking game.

will change rating when can find the mute button.

deathink responds:

top left corner..